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Help Care for Fifteen Persian Cats Rescued from Horrible Conditions

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These Abused Cats are the Faces of Backyard Breeding. Let's Change Their Lives Today!

One of our partner animal shelters contacted us recently, asking for help. A very sad situation came up in Snohomish County which ended with authorities taking 24 persian cats and 16 dogs from a home where they were being kept in small, filthy cages. On April 19th, Purrfect Pals took in fifteen of these poor kitties. None were spayed or neutered before going to the shelter so we suspect breeding was involved. The cats are scared to death, covered in sores, horribly matted and suffering from upper respiratory infections among other things. They have a long road to recovery ahead of them but we are determined to provide them with the second chances they so desperately need.

As you can imagine, providing medical treatment, food, litter and other care for fifteen sick and traumatized cats is not going to come cheap. We could really use our community's help right now. Will you please help us change these precious lives by giving a donation to Purrfect Pals or sharing this story with your friends?

Donations can be made online via this page or mailed to: Purrfect Pals, 230 McRae Rd NE, Arlington, WA 98223. Any funds raised which do not end up being needed to treat these kitties will be used to care for other special cats at Purrfect Pals.

It's been a long road. Back in May, we were hopeful that they were almost ready to go. Famous last words! As of August 1st, three of the Fraggles had surgery to open up their airways, one needed to have an eye removed, most were treated for upper respiratory infections and all fifteen ended up having ringworm, likely because of the conditions in their previous home and their compromised immune systems. Fortunately, I friend Alex the Cat Groomer was willing to donate his grooming services for one or two spa days for all of the Fraggles. Thanks, Alex!

You've heard us say that "Rescued" is our favorite breed of cat and have seen us encouraging people to adopt, not shop. Have you ever wondered why? These persian kitties are the reason why. The cats in these photos are the faces of backyard breeding. Sadly, this cruelty and neglect is not uncommon. Profiting from the sale of kittens born to sick, frightened cats who have spent their entire lives "living" in tiny cages filled with waste is NOT acceptable. Please don't turn a blind eye to breeding. When you are shopping in a pet store that sells kittens or puppies instead of partnering with animal adoption organizations, please remember these faces. Remember the kitties who have deformities due to irresponsible breeding and can barely breathe. They deserve better... Because Every Cat Matters.